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Bearing Test Rigs

bearing test rigs
Bearing test rig EELPRAAX-130

We offer the most modern bearing test rigs available for rolling element bearings. Our test rigs are build either according to our internal standard or are customized to your needs.

The standard is our EELPAX-/EELPRA-/EELPRAAX-family which is designed for axial, radial, or combined loads and, depending on their size, accommodate bearings from a 15 mm bore diameter to a 480 mm outer diameter.
Aside from the loads, different rotational speeds and oil temperatures and volumes can be applied. All test parameters are time-dependent, meaning that the user is free to define steps, ramps, and cycles which are carried out by the fully automated software.

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Measured quantities include the controlled values as well as the temperatures of the outer rings, the vibration level in the housing, and the motor’s electrical power requirement. Automatic shutdown criteria can be defined for all of the measured quantities, allowing safe, round-the-clock unsupervised running of the machines.
Available options include heating for the oil and housing as well as motors capable of higher speeds. Additional sensors, e.g. for frictional torque, can also be incorporated.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing either a standard or custom bearing test rig; occasionally, we also have second-hand machines from our testing facility for sale. Some of our customers include Technische Universität Darmstadt and Fersa Bearings and NKE Austria GmbH.